5 steps to self sufficiency

So often I get new players asking me for money or tips. I wish I had time to give people personal tips, and wish even more I was rich enough to give everyone money. But I don’t and I am not.

I do however have a standard plan for new players to go from $100 to $500m and earn enough daily to cover points, drugs and further income. It will cost you time and energy (both game and real life) but you won’t need to buy DPs or risk much. If you want to make calculated investments you should check out the Skrumble Technologies website.

Step 1: Slut for someone (5 days)
So the first step is to build some funds. You should be able to ‘attack and lose’ to someone for about $200,000 per loss. There is a caveat here, some people in the forums are scammers and won’t pay you. Check the networth of the person offering, and if possible get meds off them before you make your losses.

You want to aim for 20m, which is 100 losses. You want to try and buy items that sell quickly and have a stable price to hide the money you make as you get it. If you watch the point market you can prepate for step 2 during this time too.

Step 2: Point trade (5-20 days)
Now you have a small fund you can trade points. The points market is a funny one, there are flower/plushie “traders” who sell points all day in big batches (500+), “bankers” who buy lots of points to hide money, “users” who want to just buy points to use for refills, then “skimmers” (like we will be) who buy big batches at low prices, and sell in smaller batches at higher prices.

The aim here is to have a high volume of points traded. You should be able to buy 200-250 point batches and then list 25/50/100 at 200-500$ more than you bought. thats $40,000 profit for every batch you buy minimum and up to $100k. 250 points normally sell every 30 minutes. As a test I listed 25 at 00:53 at about $400 more per point than I bought a batch of 100 points at, they sold at 00:57, that is 4 minutes. If I had more listings I may have sold 150 points in that time.

You are aiming here for at least $2m a day, and you will be capped at about $5m a day. Three weeks of this and you can skip steps 3&4

Step 3: Item Trade quickly (10-15 days+)
You can now start buying some of the quicker moving items, Xanax, Meds and Flower/Plushies, so if you haven’t already buy a bazaar (250 points from point building).

These sell more slowly, but the profit margins are similar and you have to do less work. You need to start by checking the prices graphs of a few potential items and work out which one is currently low. You can either buy from someone else’s bazaar, or check trade chat to try and find deals on bulk items. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, and always be wary of scams and buy-muggers.

You want to aim for 1% profit per item, and sell all your items you buy within 48 hours. At 0.5% a day it isn’t as much profit as you can make from points, but is more hands off and may suit your real life life-style better.

If you allow $20m for point trading, then you should have $30m you can item trade with at this point – As you start to build your wealth you will find you either have too much stock to sell, or too much money to hide. You now want to start concentrating on higher priced items. The higher the price the bigger the change in pricing, and the easier profit is. The best items for this are Cans, eDVDs and Supply packs. You want to aim for having as little as possible in cash available at any time – Money in your wallet is idle, and a mug risk.

Again if you have allowed $20m for points trading, you should now have $50m+ for items trading.

Step 4: Invest in Benefit Blocks
You should now be earning between $2-5m a day, and at some point all of the above will be making so much profit you can’t keep buying points and items. It’s now time to invest in some stocks, and if you want to be lazy the best way is benefit blocks.

Start with LSC, it’s cheap and pays roughly $900k a week in payouts, or ~1.8% a week. Then TCHS if the medical supplies price is 1% of the BB cost or more.

Eventually you will want PRN, SYM, EWM, SLAG and finally FHG. But before then you will probably want to finish step 5.

Step 5: Banking
Hopefully at this point you will have been earning merits and have built up quite a bit of value. Spending your merits on banking can be a good idea if you are intent on easily making the cash for drugs and points. You want to be banking any “spare” cash weekly, which allows you to be flexible with what you buy and means your interest starts to compound. One day when you have $2b (or $3b in 10* oil rig) it is best to bank for 2 months at a time. But right now stick with weekly and NEVER use the caymans.

In conjunction with step 4 you should be banking 100-400m a week, and buying your ‘next’ stock block as you go. If you have the time and patience to do steps 2+3 as well you could be earning $100m a week, $5.2b a year.

I hope the above was informative, and thank you for reading

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