Welcome to this brand new blog, a place I intend on giving away my secrets and generally pointing noobs at when I get tired of writing the same thing over and over.

My name (in game) is L4suicide [15699] and I have played for ten years or so. I previously ran the #1 fansite for Torn, back when it started, but gave that up when all the cool features we provided became too hard to keep and maintain.

I will be inviting other players to come and post tips and advice here as well, and will keep things nice and easy to find for those of you looking for specific things. Feel free to sign up for an account here and post comments, ask questions etc.

If you don’t know what Tips and Tricks for <a href=”http://www.torn.com/15699″>Torn</a> the game is feel free to sign up with my Tips and Tricks for <a href=”http://www.torn.com/15699″>Refer a Friend link</a> – once you reach level 10 I will send you some goodies!


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