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It’s been a while

I’ve been busy cleaning up some stuff. So you may find this post if you used to use my arresting tools. Sorry!

With the change to crimes the code is going to very quickly stop working as its based on crimes 1.0. I’ve got no time (or passion) to change it at this point. I presume someone else has a better tool out there anyway. Was fun whilst it lasted?

Might go and add more stuff in this blog at some point though.. Let me know if you have a topic I can cover ­čÖé

Player vs The game – why crimes are important

With every financial action in torn you are interacting either with the game, or a player. Both have an impact on your networth, but only those with the game impact the economy as a whole.

 An example – I may buy a beer from the city, costs me $10, which goes to the game. I can then drink the beer, meaning $10 has disappeared from the economy, or I can sell it to another player for $500. The item is still worth only $10 in the economy either way. And of course drinking it earns me 1 nerve, which can be worth anywhere from $1-$500.

Having played for a long time now I have made money from various things. Most of these have involved selling items to other players at higher prices than I got them from the game. So I’m taking money from other players *most* of the time, meaning somewhere along the lines there has to be a loser. Someone who buys the item from someone else and ends up keeping it (total loss), or selling it for less than they paid. Don’t be a loser!

You can easily work out if you are a “loser”, stats will tell you how much you have made from the bank, give you a rough idea of how much you have made from crimes, and tell you how much you have spent on drugs (use cheapest cost price per drug). If your networth is above this – winner. If not, you need to do better.

You can buy 100 things from the city each day, you get about 300 nerve through the day, you can buy lots of items abroad if you travel as much as possible. So make the most of these simple things, and be more wary of your trades. Check the circulation and price graphs of items you aren’t going to use quickly – it may be better to wait (or buy more than you need).

Bank any money you won’t trade with or buy stocks with, The more cash you have on hand the more wasteful you are being. And finally never let any of your cool downs be any less than a second – buy 100 beer and use them if nothing else, each beer you buy is an instant profit (unless you still do pickpocket kid crimes or under)

Christmas Town and New Year joy

There is a new Christmas town in Torn – could be a few nice surprises in store for what has been quite a┬áboring year (in my opinion anyway…). From the newsletter it looks kind of similar to the previous version, with some nicer graphics, and no doubt a better engine.

Story lines sound like they are done away with, so perhaps it will be more like the missions where you get a random one starting at certain points, so once you are done with it there is no more blindly walking around hoping you get some goodies.

Elsewhere in torn there are plenty of community events on. Mostly around creating Christmas related things either in real life, or in paint. Sadly no writing based competitions so far (I won’t be singing for you all), but there is a guess the sweets and a ‘Torn Meme’ comp.

Personally I’m running a lotto for a PI (Entry is 1 lotto voucher) – more info here