Merit Hunting

I saw a post in the forums recently where someone had gone through a load of stats and found I was in the top 5 for merits earnt. Merits a possibly the most important thing in the game in determining the best strategy for your character. The more merits you have the more agile you can be, and the more agile you are the more merits you can earn. There are plenty of easy merits out there that some people just don’t bother getting, possibly because they don’t know they exist. Merits come at four main costs

* Energy merits
* Nerve merits
* Time merits
* Money merits

Energy Merits

Attacking, respect, bounties, revives, level up. These are the cheapest merits around, and the best place to start your merit hunting life. Revives often get a decent price in the trade chat, and even the weakest player can pick up 10m by doing the 100 bounties merit. If you are reading this blog you likely have a DP anyway, but if not that should be your first mission.

Nerve Merits

Busting and crimes. There are so many crime merits you likely won’t get them all in 15 years. If you are just starting out then they are a great way to build your nerve bar too, just keep going with whichever is the cheapest merit you can get. That doesn’t mean head straight for 10k searches for money, look at how many of which crimes you need, and work out how much the nerve cost is. The cheapest may not be the one for the lowest cost nerve crime. If you are poor you should still be able to afford BEER at $10 a pop, and always have your booster cooldown ticking.

Busting is much harder, you need dexterity, and you can only do 3-4 an hour. Go for these much later in the game.

Time merits

Travelling, commitment, jobs, education. These merits can also be earners. Flower/Drug/Plushie running whilst doing your 50 of each travel destination is a must. You can make 2m a day minimum. If you can join a cruise line job when you do these for the extra portage!

If you haven’t maxed out all the torn basic jobs and done all the merits for those.. quit your job now and do it. Also once done go for the Afronted merit (guides are in forums/wiki).

Education merits can wait, it’s much better to ensure you are going for educations that maximise your stat gains or ability to make money (depending on which you want more)

Money merits

Stocks, Networth, Item use, Point use, Gambling merits. Not always cheap, but as you get richer and more powerful the cost involved can seem small. You should be refilling energy every day regardless. If you aren’t in a war you should be using as many sfaks as possible and always have your med cooldown ticking – fill empty bags to reduce life if need be, you can sell them again.

Now there is clearly also the competition merits, and some odd-ball ones that don’t strictly in the above groups. The merits for being attacked for instance could come under the money tag, as a lot of people pay others to lose/run etc.

What to spend merits on


I spend most of my merits on nerve/crime exp at the moment. It’s only a little but it does help getting more nerve merits.

Initially I used all my merits on education – the benefits are huge. Then I used one of each category to pick up web of perks.

If you don’t have many merits your focus should only be on getting more. Don’t spend them if you don’t have a benefit in getting more merits. HP, stats, awareness, banking, should all be last ones you think of.

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