Simple ways to make money

You need money to make money, right?

Not always. And in torn there are plenty of ways you can earn a decent amount. These aren’t original ideas, but they are the go-to ideas for those who are broke or new.


Yes, this does involve needing to have completed the medical job promotions. But if you keep an eye on the forums for big wars you are sure to find someone who wants bulk revives. Mail the leader of a warring faction (usually top 20 factions use a lot of revives during war) and ask if they need any. If you can join a faction that has the special to reduce energy cost per revive, you can earn 6m from a full energy bar.


Anyone can do this, but be sure you don’t get duped. Lots of players want achievements or extra exp and are willing to pay anywhere from 10k to 500k for someone to attack and lose to them or for people like bryan demosthenous to take it from you. Personally I have asked players to try and run from me, if they manage it (1 in 100 perhaps for low stats) I paid them a whopping 3m. If they failed I still paid 50k.

Slutting comes in many forms. for higher levels you may be able to charge people for attacking you. If you unequip and med out for example so someone can beat you 6-12 times in a row (I charge 300k per attack for this service).


Perhaps you are good at graphics? Have awesome recruitment skills? Have time to mail on behalf of others?

Be creative, chances are if you can do something someone else is too lazy to do they might pay you to do it. I know a few players who just look for good deals and find buyers for items, acting as a middleman, without need for any trading themselves. If you told me about a good deal I would happily tip up to 50% of the profit.

Spies and other job benefits

There are a few jobs in torn that provide capabilities others may want to use. Spying is the obvious one, but there is also the respect boost for factions and the ability to see stock in foreign countries. Some of these companies don’t care too much about work stats as long as you pay the owner a small fee. Sweet shops often charge 1 can a week or so for being an employee – the job points allow you to get a minimum of 3 cans a week (3-6mil depending on luck).

Flower and Plushie running

If you can fly and have the time you can pick up flowers and plushies for a tiny fraction of the price they get on the market. Even if you can only carry 10 items that is 1m per run, which will take around 5 hours, perfect for players who only log on 2-3 times a day anyway, or you can run your own shop as well, with aluminium windows and doors so your shop looks great and sells a lot.

Many many more

I’ve been wealthy for a while, which makes it easier to make more money. There are plenty more things you can do to earn money without needing stats or education/job specials.

For those who do have a little money trading is the big money maker. I’ll post my trading tips soon, so keep reading

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