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Chaining tips for all levels

Given War 2.0 is coming this may only be useful for a small amount of time (Ched time, as we know, can last a while though!)

The very best chainers of all time have never had the best stats. They haven’t had time to waste lurking for retals. They have never even been the person with the most hits for their faction. The best chainers are the ones who win 100% of their fights, don’t stay above 150e for a long time, and don’t complain when they lose a war.

Why are they the best chainers? They are effective. They are the core of any faction war effort. But how can you be one of these unsung heroes?

Stack Energy and bide your time

Stacking energy is an important step – it allows you to bank a possible 50 attacks in a short time frame. Yes, a two player team could in theory do a 100 chain!

How do you stack? Take Xanax, but don’t use the energy, take another xanax.. until you have 1000e.

As well as Xanax you can also use energy drinks. If you can afford this it is recommended you only use cans when you are in 12 hours of the war time. This avoid overdoses and if you only use 6 cans you can ensure your booster cooldown is at zero for the start of the war. It also means you are not under the effects of xanax for the kick off.

Another tip is to get to 150e using points refill before you start stacking – this minimises the ‘energy loss’ of not gaining energy every 10 minutes.

Research your targets

There is nothing worse than hitting start on your attack only to find your enemy dodges every attack and crits you ever turn. Ensure you know who in your warbase is just too much for you. Every attack you make can be seen as potential income, and 25e ~ 1mil. The same as a stat spy. Get someone to spy your main war targets, it’s cheaper than losing to them!

Stay in hospital

Remember war is a two horse race. You vs Them. The winner is the fastest chainers, specifically the team who can hit the most bonuses on the opponent as quick as possible. The easiest way to slow your opponent is to reduce the number of targets they have. Wait for full life, Wait for any retal timer to lapse. Then you can med out and smack em down again.

Tabs are king

When I am preparing to chain I ensure I am in hospital to start with (self hosp using RR, wrong blood bags, get someone to bounty, etc). Then I have all the time in the world to find my targets.



Now I am safe I head to the warbase


With most modern browsers (and on windows, but I’m sure you can do the same on linux or mac) you can hold the CTRL key and click links to open them in new tabs. So for all of your potential targets use this to open up links to their attack pages. I start by having tab 1 as war base, and tab 2 as items (you can press CTRL+1, or CTRL+2 to quickly go to these tabs), then my targets.

I then do 3-5 in a row, starting with the ones I know will be tougher, then open an item tab so in the middle of it I may use meds again, and then do 3-5 more. If you are a proper pro you will have a tab for each potential target for all your energy. You may even want to open up a points refill tab after your 40th target, then 6 more targets. I like to open up a tab to the war base if I know my 17th hit will be a bonus hit as well, so I can ensure its on the right faction. Bonus hits are super important so best to ask a faction mate to tell you in chat if you are approaching a big one!

At this point you tell your faction to get out of the way as well. Head to the item screen in tab 2, or get a revive, and med out and use as many as possible to get to full health. It’s then a matter of pressing CTRL+TAB to get to your next target, then CTRL+R to reload the page (as initially it will be a ‘you can do this, your in hospital)


It will refresh, you press start, you beat that sucker down, and then CTRL+TAB, CTRL+R again. I like to close tabs once I have the ‘you hospitalized xxx’ message, makes it easier to know where I am.

If you are good you can do all your hits in a matter of minutes. I like to then use a wrong blood bag to put myself back in hospital so I can’t be retalled.

Staying alive…

Now with the latest attacking update life has become a major issue. This means attacking non stop is not going to last long without meds or very wise target choices. For the rich there are three ways of avoiding the med cooldown bar filling up too quick:

1. Lose an attack and get revived.. not great as you only get 20% life back
2. Use temp items like pepper spray, flash grenades or smoke grenades to stop your opponent hitting you.. doesn’t always hit, but can slow the life loss down
3. Use pharmacy booster Seratonin. These cost 1.3m each but they do two things.. They give you more life AND they boost your def stat for 120 seconds. So you don’t even need to use one each battle.

before use:


after use: life back at max, 120 seconds of Seratonin shown, def beefed!


War timing

If you are the leader of a faction you can choose when to start your wars. I prefer 8am TC Time, this allows those with stacked energy to use it all, and that days points refill, then get another points refill after the reset (midnight TC time). For those rich enough to use FHC as well that is a whopping 76 hits for a single player.

Any more?

There are always more little tricks I’ve not come across, so feel free to leave a comment below with your own. Happy chaining!