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Competition Strategy – Dog Tags

So this year the dog tag competition is a little different. Each Tag has a score, which increases each time it is stolen, and each tag can be traced to it’s original owner.

So the more times a tag moves around the higher the scores will be.

But the more you target a player the less likely you will grab a tag off them, and you need 250 to get the second honor and this will probably get you 10 points if you hang on to them all until the end.

There are special tags, and you also get 10x the score of your tag if you have it at the end.

Each attack will have a random chance of taking a single tag – regardless of it being a leave/mug/hosp. The chance is further modified by how many times you have gained tags, and also how many times the person you are attacking has lost tags.

Ways to  approach the competition

So how do you get a high score?

Late Entry Theory

Well I suspect the best way is to be a late entry. Let people mug you and attack you can you get left with no tags. Then in the last week or so you start attacking for tags. The tags you get will have higher scores (as they have been around a lot!) and most players will have stopped trying to get tags as they only need to reach 250 to get the merit, not keep 250.

Run and Hide

Travelling overseas, attacking all in site, and travelling again is another, more difficult, strategy. Basically you can’t be attacked while in the air, so less likely to lose your tags. Downside? You have to be around all the time, and you have to time things well to make sure you are there when you land. If you get attacked abroad it can take ages to get out of hosp and then fly before you get put back in again

Play the numbers

You can make about 40-60 attacks a day easily, 3x Xanax is 30, refill and ‘wake up’ energy (12),  FHC (if you can afford it) is 24 and natural energy is about 20. If you are in hospital for 15-45 minutes every time someone tries to steal a tag off you then you are at worst going to lose 2 an hour, 48 a day, so using all your energy every day will put you out ahead (assuming all attacks gain a tag, or lose a tag).

Self Hosp

Easier to self hosp than fly, as it needs less organisation, but it’s the same idea. Attack in batches and then put yourself in hosp somehow (SEDs will get expensive quick, but bad blood bags might be usable).


Target Hunting

Of course then there is the issue of finding targets. I normally add ‘collectors’ to my blacklist and just hit each one daily – but with the new system it will probably mean I stop getting tags from them after a week.

Another way is to go through companies, factions or hall of fame lists and just attack each person one by one. If they give you their own tag then don’t hit again, if they give you someone else’s then add them to a rinse and repeat list (until they stop giving).

You can also head to your dog tag page and see who else has been taking tags (any tag that you got from someone other than it’s owner usually). Just wait 4-8 hours between attacks and you will probably get a tag off one of the inbetweeners.

Ideas for making money during the competition

There will be a lot of market movement both early and late in the competition for anything that can be used in attacking or self hosping. Points will probably also rise in value for a bit. So one way to make some cash is to buy and sell as quick as possible.

An alternative method I have been thinking about is by selling tags back to the original holder. Remember they get a bonus for that tag so they may be willing to pay you for it! Bit of a gamble though as you can’t trade them, so beware of scammers 🙁


There are a few threads in the forums about how players might get better scores. One suggestion is score farming your tags, swapping between you and a friend over and over.

I’ve not tried this yet, but I imagine two problems: It only takes one outsider to mug you or your buddy to lose the tag, and if you have more tags you may find you and your buddy don’t score farm the same tag before it gets taken by someone else.

If you do go and read the threads make sure you attack some of the posters, they are sure to have tags on them, right?