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Which stats should I train?

Wowzers, what a fantastic question. I have seen at least 4 incarnations of the attack system on torn, and never have I ever had the stat ratio I think was most appropriate at that time.  I’ve also seen plenty of people weigh in on the subject and I always get utterly bored reading about it.


Well to be honest the reason is obvious – no one cares.

For those with huge stats there are only a small number of players you will beat or lose to based on your strategy.

For those with mid stats there are so many players you can still beat to mug, leave for exp or chain that you would be insane to think the number of players your ultimate strat is going to put you above means anything useful to you.

How do you win attacks?

The main advantage you will have against another right now is actually armour. Armour provides a huge differential in stats, and given the attacking player already has an advantage with increased damage you are a sure winning if you double that advantage with your defensive capability.

I use seratonin to gain extra HP and increase my defence ability. Expensive sure, if you can’t afford it go for pepper spray or flash bangs, they are equally effective against all players.

Pick your target well – if you don’t know there stats compare your stats, xanax and point refills, defends ratio, and you will get a good idea of whether or not you will win.

Don’t waste your E attacking someone you don’t know anything about. If they don’t have money to mug, weak stats for that level, or known stats.. don’t bother.

Stat caps and strategy

Stat gains increase as you increase your stats, up to when you reach ~50m of a stat. So make the most of it. Get each stat to 50m as soon as possible. And preferably do it in the order of your bonuses in training as gained from the sports science courses. If you are sure you want to be all about stats they are a must, as is using Xanax.

From there you again rely on your biggest bonuses for stat increases to guide you. More stats is better. If you can afford it you should also then be using Cans of Taurine or FHC (super rich only). Once you hit 1b in a stat you can look at using SEs as well.. but to be honest that is a lot of money to use on stats, you would want to be using all your energy on mugs or be backed by a huge amount of money in stocks or trading to be able to do that (I don’t even do that!) – or have a wicked gambling strategy 🙂