Tools for torn – Torn stats, scripts and the API

It is tough coming up with new posts I tell you!

Anyway this week I am going to show  you some tools that will really help you succeed in the game. I’m going to be throwing around a few terms, so firstly:

API – This is just a method of getting information out of Torn automatically – things like networth, job, items, money on hand etc
API Key – This is a ‘read only’ password, which allows other people / websites to read your torn details
Scripts/Add-ons – For this article this means something added to your browser which adds functionality to the torn website

Now there are loads of things being created as we speak which use the API. But do not fall for any scams – giving out your API key should not be done lightly, and you shouldn’t install scripts unless you know what it does. Remember scripts are not allowed to automate tasks for you either.

Finding your API key

To find your API key jump into your torn options (1) and down to the API key menu (2).


Just copy the code there (3) – you can reset it if you have given it out and no longer want those people to have access to your torn data.


Scripts are bits of code that can be inserted into a website to add more functionality – for example add extra links or hide information on a page you don’t really want to see (like the [upgrade] button for level holders)

Depending on which browser you have you may need to install an add-on or extension before you install a script.

Firefox users may want to install greasemonkey (or one of the other versions like greasefire)

Chrome users *may* need to install tamper monkey – although some scripts do not need this

You can find scripts posted in the torn forums for all kinds of things.


My favorite tool by far is torn stats – created by IceBlueFire

To use tornstats you can either install the script (which gives you more control about what data goes to the website) – Or you can add your API key in the tornstats options.

Firstly go to and create an account.

Then in the tornstats settings you can add the API key you copied from torn




Basic features

Stat tracking


If you have the script installed you can track your stats from the torn home page – and on the tornstats website you can enter your goals and feed it information which will give you a timeline for when you could achieve them.

Networth tracking

There is plenty you can do for networth too, including see how your networth value is made up, which items in your bazaar or item list are worth what (and also if your prices are wrong) and some limited Stock info

Company tracking

For all the directors out there – this module tracks your workers efficiency, produced vs sold items, profit per item and much much more. It has a section to choose which role a player is best suited (caveat – does not provide best ratio of roles in your company..)

Faction tracking

The faction section is a must – it lets you keep spy reports and share between other members (providing you have the script), track chaining sessions to see who is doing more and provides a place to poll your members.

If you run a faction just create your own – and you can then either hand out the link (if you want it to be private) or make it public so others can apply to join. If you are a member you can join from the list (if your faction is public) or ask your faction leadership if they have a private one set up and can send you a link to it.


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