Christmas Town and New Year joy

There is a new Christmas town in Torn – could be a few nice surprises in store for what has been quite a boring year (in my opinion anyway…). From the newsletter it looks kind of similar to the previous version, with some nicer graphics, and no doubt a better engine.

Story lines sound like they are done away with, so perhaps it will be more like the missions where you get a random one starting at certain points, so once you are done with it there is no more blindly walking around hoping you get some goodies.

Elsewhere in torn there are plenty of community events on. Mostly around creating Christmas related things either in real life, or in paint. Sadly no writing based competitions so far (I won’t be singing for you all), but there is a guess the sweets and a ‘Torn Meme’ comp.

Personally I’m running a lotto for a PI (Entry is 1 lotto voucher) – more info here


Tools all torn pros should use – Evernote

Not using evernote yet? Sign up here using my Evernote referral link – if you install the program you will get a month of the premium version, but it is free to use for all of the core features.

For those of you unfamiliar with the tool it is basically a way of organising notes across different devices. I have it on my laptop, my iPhone, my Samsung Tablet and at work I use it straight from their website. It is incredibly simple and it has saved me a tonne of time and kept some of my sanity intact.

For Torn I use it to keep track of my gambling, company profit, share prices, loans, big purchases, handy hints, formulas, links, you name it I probably keep it safe in Evernote.

Outside of Torn I use it for ideas, in fact I started writing this note first in Evernote whilst on a 7 hour car journey on my iPhone (with no internet), before then editing it from my tablet and finally putting it up on my website from my laptop. The only reason I thought of doing so was because I was reading through some old ideas I had for a short story, which prompted me to check some details of a loan I had given someone in Torn (the story was about a loan shark).

It’s so easy to get started – sign up first (if you use my Evernote referral link we both get extra features for free for a month).

Download the app and it will get you to log in, before taking you through a quick tutorial. I’ve whipped up a quick example of how you might use it to keep track of your bills and also start managing payroll.

  1. Go to the notebook section and select new notebook
  2. Decide on a name for your new notebook
    At first you won’t have any notes, but we can fix that
  3. Click on New Note and one will appear
  4. Start writing your note – if you don’t enter a title the first line of your note will become the title:
  5. Done!

Now at this point you can install the app on your phone and take pictures of bills, receipts or anything else and create notes from those. If you pay for the premium version it automatically scans business cards and turns them into digital contacts, edit PDF and office documents and save emails directly into evernote. For more on business management, read this post with some of the benefits of using paystub maker.

Don’t need all that? Then it’s free. You can also find other business tools to help yourself by checking this posts about business, business news, remote work and more.

So what are you waiting for? Try it for free now