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Strategies for your stats

I’ve had this question put to me a few times this week.

What should I train? Should I keep my stats balanced?

And it’s not an easy question to answer. So here is my generic advice to you, the reader.

  1. First decide on what kind of player you are going to be
  2. Then decide on how many of the advantages you want to use
  3. Use the right training strategies to achieve the best stat balance for your goal (1) using everything you can to get there (2)

(1) In terms of stats there is only one question I need to ask to work you out. Are you going to attack a lot of players?

If you are going to attack a lot then I suggest you go for stats which will help you win. Strength and Speed – these are the most important when you attack. If you can’t hit your opponent, or do damage if you do, then all you will get is a loss or a stalemate.

But what if your opponent has speed/strength too? REMEMBER you are in control when attacking. You decide which temps you use, how long the attack takes and which weapons you use. The defender has to of pre-selected his temp, has no/little control as to which weapon they use, and you can wait for their temp effects to wear off. If you have no def you can use smoke grenades, flash grenades or similar to negate your opponents attacking stats.

If you are going to defend only though, and not worry about attacks, then it’s less important which stats you train. Your game goals are less likely to be stats in any case, and losing battles will mean very little to you.

(2) This brings us to training methods. If stats are really your ultimate goal you should already have a fair idea of these. And it’s something I go on about in other posts like ‘The benefits of faction hopping’. But I will repeat it here: If you want to be the best you must use every advantage you can.

Drugs: Ensure you use the right drug for the stat you are training. Basically low stats (under 100k) you should use Ecstasy. Higher stats use LSD or Xanax. If you have taken less than 50 Xanax you still have the “drug free” training option – Read more in Vladar’s training gain guide

Job: The job you do can massively impact stat gains. I would change jobs whenever you switch which stat you are training:

Strength – Fitness Center
Defense – Ladies Strip Club
Dexterity – Gents Strip Club
Speed – Fitness Center

Of course the Farm or Pub are alternatives if you have merits in crimes, or chaining requirements.

Gyms: Refer to Vladar’s guide as linked above – each Gym has a rating for each stat gain. Choose the right gym for the stat you want, or choose the stat which your best gym offers the best gains on. You can also ask here if how does 24 hour fitness have showers.

Proper pro’s can use the “Hank ratio” to unlock 3 special gyms. Special gyms have great gains but for only 1/2 stats, and usually you can only have two special gyms at once. But with a clever ratio of stats you can have 3 gyms open – read the pdf guide here – Just remember this limits you to a single stat distribution strategy (but has the best gains)

Faction: Choose a faction with high Steadfast specials in the stat you are training, or train the one your faction has high specials in

Sneakers/MCS: For super rich folk you can spend 14b to get a 5% gain in speed. The MCS benefit block gives you random 300 energy boosts.

Cans/FHC: Boosters can massively help with training gains, if you are rich. Some factions have booster specials which mean Cans are almost the same energy gains as FHC, but much cheaper per day. You can mix cans with the restaurant job to take this advantage even further

Books: The books which subscribers (and lucky mission doers) a big advantage can also be used to boost stats – just make sure you are fully prepared before you use any book. eg. Don’t use the consumable book unless you can afford 31 days worth of an awesome consumable!

Happy: Having a great property and rehabbing to ensure your happy stays high can improve your stat gains as well.

(3) Now you know the advantages choose the ones that fit your goals. If you are young and have low stats (under 50m each) then I can only suggest something if you want to attack a lot:

Use hanks ratio, while in a fitness center, and keep your stats in this ratio:

Dexterity ~37%
Speed ~28%
Strength ~28%
Defense ~7%

To get Dext to 37% you may want to use the Gents strip club first.

For all others.. do as you wish – for defenders it makes little difference, for those who can’t follow the ratio (stat distribution is too broken already) then all I can say is choose the best mix of job/faction/etc to get the most out of your energy.

Why do I say it makes little difference? Well it’s just a complex version of Scissors/Paper/Rock if you “whore” one stat or just train 2.
If you keep them all the same then those who don’t gain faster than you, so the number of people you beat is going to shrink as time goes on.

The benefits of faction hopping

Want to be the best? You now have an extra option.

Previously the best players in torn would swap jobs monthly to obtain the best and most appropriate benefits to their merit/training goals. But with the new faction upgrade trees there is now another boost. Faction hopping 🙂

If you are super active and know enough faction leaders you can do this every few hours. Otherwise once a day should be enough.

  1. Maximise your nerve refills – before using your daily nerve refill join a faction with 25+ extra nervebar. Maximize your nerve refills – before using your daily nerve refill, join a faction with 25+ extra nervebar. If you’re also dealing with the challenges of how to carry out an intervention for an alcoholic, consider seeking support from your faction to navigate this sensitive situation. Also, for the treatment of drug addiction, you can seek help from addiction rehabilitation UK to access specialized programs and assistance tailored to individuals facing substance abuse challenges. Additionally, explore opportunities for alcohol home detox. For more information on drug and alcohol rehab services in Blackpool, check these helpful resources at
  2. Maximise your booster use – depending on your strategy join a faction with either max can boosts, or max alc bottle boost. Usually these factions have a 48 hour booster cooldown so you only need to do this every 2 days.
  3. Maximise your training – Join a faction with high steadfast specials. If using cans do this with 1k e after using the can boost.
  4. Maximise your rehab – Join a faction with excursion, and get up to 20% off your rehab bill. To learn more about this, visit this website at
  5. Maximise your revive merit – join a faction with fortitude and revive cost reduction.
  6. Maximise your missions – join a faction with aggression and supression on

All great in theory, but why would a faction leader allow you to do this?

Easy – With most things the more members that go through a faction the quicker they unlock better specials. For some specials expect to pay a small fee for entry too, and don’t expect to stay long in the faction you visit!

Where to work

So I’ve been seriously thinking about company specials and so I had a quick go at collating the info and found some surprising results.

I’m just going to post the two tables I ended up with. The first is a list of specials, with a generic type, so you can see which ‘Gym’ specials or ‘Crime’ specials there are.

You can click on headings to sort by any column

Benefit Class Company Special Name Company level required Cost Benefit “L4 lazy rated”
Misc Game Shop Overpowered 10 1 1 nerve, 5 energy, 50 happiness 1
Misc Property Broker Interior Connections 10 0 10% property upgrade cost reduction 2
Misc TV Press Pass 10 25 Receive special privileges 3
Misc Cruise Line Bursar 1 1 25 casino tokens 4
Misc Amusement Park Free Ride 3 10 250 happiness for target 5
Misc TV Scoop 3 0 50% newspaper advertising cost reduction 6
Misc Game Shop Power Levelling 7 10 View progress to your next level 7
Gym Fitness Center Training Regime 10 0 3% gym gains 8
Gym Ladies Strip Club Aspiring Workout 10 0 10% defense gym gains 9
Gym Gents Strip Club Aspiring Workout 10 0 10% dexterity gym gains 10
Gym Fitness Center Roid Rage 5 1 Strength 11
Gym Furniture Store Heavy Lifting 3 1 Strength 12
Gym Fitness Center Goal Oriented 3 0 50% reduction of happiness loss in gym 13
Money Clothing Store Secret pockets 7 0 75% enemy mug losses 14
Money Oil Rig Fat Cat 10 0 50% investment banking limit 15
Money Software Company Intricate Hack 5 250 Hack a company’s bank account 16
Money Oil Rig Oil Mogul 5 3 Reduce bank investment time by 1 hour 17
Money Oil Rig Danger Money 1 1 Money 18
Money Gents Strip Club Happy Hour 1 1 Money 19
Money Ladies Strip Club Happy Hour 1 1 Money 20
Money Adult Novelties Blackmail 1 1 Money 21
Money Game Shop Early Release 3 100 Money 22
Money Property Broker Commission 1 1 Money 23
Money Oil Rig Tax Haven 7 0 10% increase of Cayman Islands interest rate 24
Energy Farm Early Riser 10 1 7 energy 25
Energy Candle Shop Reinvigorating Therapy 7 1 5 energy 26
Energy Furniture Store Coffee Break 1 1 3 energy 27
Energy Pub Pub Lunch 1 1 3 energy 28
Energy Restaurant Free Meals 1 1 3 energy 29
Battle Music Store The Score 10 0 10% passive all stats 30
Battle Meat Warehouse Butcher 3 0 10% melee weapon damage 31
Battle Pub Drunken Master 3 0 10% melee weapon damage 32
Battle Restaurant Butcher 3 0 10% melee weapon damage 33
Battle Gun Shop Firearms Expert 10 0 10% primary & secondary weapon damage 34
Battle Furniture Store Brute Force 10 0 100% fist & kick damage 35
Battle Zoo Seasoned Poacher 10 0 25% accuracy 36
Battle Ladies Strip Club Hench 7 0 25% passive defense 37
Battle Gents Strip Club Dancer’s flair 7 0 25% passive dexterity 38
Battle Clothing Store Activewear 5 0 25% passive dexterity 39
Battle Furniture Store Beefcake 7 0 25% passive strength 40
Battle Lingerie Store Born Free 7 0 50% dexterity when not wearing armor 41
Battle Lingerie Store Free as the Wind Blows 10 0 50% speed when not wearing armor 42
Battle Clothing Store Tailoring 10 0 20% armor bonus 43
Battle Hair Salon Sweeney’s Revenge 10 0 20% slashing weapon damage 44
Battle Adult Novelties Bondage 7 0 25% enemy speed reduction 45
Battle Firework Pyromania 5 0 25% flame-thrower damage & accuracy 46
Battle Hair Salon Rumors 5 0 50% reduced enemy stealth 47
Battle Music Store High-fidelity 5 0 75% enemy stealth reduction 48
Battle Car Dealership Getaway car 10 0 95% increased run away chance 49
Battle Gas Station Blaze of Glory 10 0 50% Molotov cocktail damage & duration 50
Battle Theater Dramatics 3 20 Guaranteed stealth 51
Battle Music Store Deafened 7 15 Guaranteed stealth 52
Battle Restaurant Healthy Diet 7 0 2% life regeneration per tick 53
Battle Fitness Center Athlete 7 0 3% life regeneration per tick 54
Battle Meat Warehouse Vampiric 10 0 3% life regeneration per tick 55
Crime Amusement Park Thrill Seeker 10 0 10% crime skill and experience gain 56
Crime Software Company Hack the Planet 7 0 + 25% computer crime success & skill gain 57
Crime TV Bad Publicity 7 0 25% extortion success rate and skill gain 58
Crime Theater Twinlike 7 0 25% forgery success rate and skill gain 59
Crime Car Dealership Two-Faced 7 0 25% fraud success & skill gain 60
Crime Flower Shop Cultivation 3 0 25% illegal production success & skill gain 61
Crime Nightclub Target Market 3 0 25% illicit services success & skill gain 62
Crime Music Store Bootlegger 3 0 25% prohibited trade success & skill gain 63
Crime Furniture Store Removal 5 0 25% theft success rate and skill gain 64
Crime Gas Station Arsonist 5 0 25% vandalism success rate and skill gain 65
Nerve Pub Liquid Courage 5 25 Refill nerve bar 66
Nerve Pub Buzzed 10 0 15 maximum nerve 67
Nerve Candle Shop Calming Therapy 5 1 2 nerve 68
Nerve Firework Audaciousness 1 1 1 nerve 69
Nerve Amusement Park Dauntless 1 1 1 nerve 70
Nerve Gents Strip Club Free Drinks 3 1 1 nerve 71
Nerve Ladies Strip Club Free Drinks 3 1 1 nerve 72
Nerve Meat Warehouse Blood Thirst 1 1 1 nerve 73
Nerve Amusement Park Unflinching 5 0 10 maximum nerve 74
Nerve Meat Warehouse Carnage 5 0 10 maximum nerve 75
Booster Grocery Store Absorption 7 0 10% consumable boost 76
Booster Grocery Store Fast Metabolism 3 0 10% consumable cooldown reduction 77
Booster Adult Novelties Indecent 10 0 100% bonus to Erotic DVDs 78
Booster Toy Shop Gamer 5 0 100% console happiness 79
Booster Game Shop Gamer 5 0 100% console happiness 80
Booster Restaurant Professional Metabolism 10 0 25% consumable cooldown reduction 81
Booster Amusement Park Adrenaline Rush 7 0 25% epinephrine effect & duration 82
Booster Pub Lightweight 7 0 50% bottle of alcohol boost 83
Booster Adult Novelties Voyeur 3 20 Erotic DVD 84
Booster Grocery Store Canned in 10 12 Can of energy drink 85
Booster Sweet Shop Energy Rush 7 15 Can of energy drink 86
Booster Grocery Store Bagged Down 1 2 Bag of candy 87
Booster Sweet Shop Sugar Rush 3 2 Bag of candy 88
Booster Grocery Store Bottled Up 5 5 Bottle of alcohol 89
Battle Gun Shop Skilled Analysis 5 0 Target equipment and ammo is always visible 90
Trading Car Dealership Salesman 5 0 No item market fees 91
Trading Property Broker Vendor 5 0 No item market fees 92
Item Property Broker Insider Trading 7 150 Random property 93
Item Farm Fertilizer 7 100 Small explosive device 94
Item Restaurant Flambayed 5 50 Flame thrower 95
Item Gents Strip Club High Heels 5 500 Pair of high heels 96
Item Gas Station Molotov Cocktail 7 5 Molotov cocktail 97
Item Flower Shop Rare Import 1 3 Special flower 98
Item Toy Shop Jumble Sale 3 3 Special plushie 99
Item Ladies Strip Club Thong 5 300 Thong 100
Item Zoo Special K 5 5 Ketamine drug 101
Item Farm Special K 5 5 Ketamine drug 102
Item Adult Novelties Party Supplies 5 500 Pack of Trojans 103
Item Firework Explosives Expert 7 5 Random bomb parts 104
Item Mechanic Shop Junkyard Dog 5 10 Random car 105
Drug use Nightclub Tolerance 7 0 50% drug overdose reduction 106
Drug use Nightclub Suppression 5 1 Drug addiction 107
Drug use Flower Shop Herbal Cleansing 5 1 Drug addiction reduction 108
Drug use Cruise Line R&R 5 1 Drug addiction reduction 109
Travel Theater Disguised 10 0 Hidden travelling status & destination 110
Travel Cruise Line Freight 10 0 3 extra travel items 111
Travel Cruise Line Portage 3 0 2 extra travel items 112
Travel Lingerie Store Concealment 5 0 2 extra travel items 113
Travel Toy Shop Over Capacity 7 0 Able to bring back +5 plushies from abroad 114
Travel Flower Shop Over Capacity 7 0 Buy 5 additional special flowers abroad 115
Travel Cruise Line Destination Report 7 10 View stock analysis of all items at a selected country 116
Travel Flower Shop Floral Contacts 10 10 View stock analysis of flowers in all countrie 117
Travel Toy Shop Toy Importer 10 10 View stock analysis of plushies in all countries 118
Spying Theater Masked 5 0 Cannot be targeted by spies 119
Spying TV Inside Story 5 15 View someone’s stats & money 120
Spying Software Company Corporate Espionage 10 50 View financial details of a company 121
Spying Hair Salon Gossip 3 10 View someone’s money on hand 122
Spying Law Firm Background Check 3 10 View someone’s stats 123
Spying Cyber Café Financial Phishing 10 25 View details of someone’s investment account 124
Spying Cyber Café IP Tracing 7 25 View lister of anonymous bounties 125
Spying Candle Shop Meditation 10 250 View someone’s true level 126
Education Nightclub Restraint 10 0 Education is unaffected by drug addiction 127
Education Fitness Center Healthy Mind 1 1 30 minute education time reduction 128
Education Hair Salon Cutting corners 7 1 30 minute education time reduction 129
Awareness Zoo Eye of the Tiger 7 0 70% awareness 130
Awareness Firework Illumination 3 0 50% awareness 131
Awareness Candle Shop Illumination 3 0 50% awareness 132
Happy Sweet Shop Voracious 10 30 4,500 happiness 133
Happy Sweet Shop Gluttony 5 10 1,000 happiness 134
Happy Candle Shop Warming Therapy 1 1 50 happiness 135
Happy Zoo Fulfillment 1 1 50 happiness 136
Happy Farm Fullfillment 1 1 50 happiness 137
Happy Toy Shop Memory Lane 1 1 50 happiness 138
Happy Music Store Ambience 1 1 50 happiness 139
Happy Property Broker Job Satisfaction 3 1 50 happiness 140
Happy Sweet Shop Sweet Tooth 1 1 50 happiness 141
Busting Law Firm Educated Decisions 10 0 View success chance of potential busts 142
Busting Law Firm Closing Argument 5 0 Easier to bust more people at once 143
Busting Law Firm Bail Bondsman 1 0 50% decreased bail costs 144
Faction Law Firm Loophole 7 0 20% organised crime skill 145
Faction TV Propaganda 1 5 1 faction respect 146
Experience Theater Stagecraft 1 1 Experience 147
Experience Nightclub Criminal Connections 1 1 Experience 148
Experience Lingerie Store Lingerie Party 1 1 Experience 149
Experience Clothing Store Fashion Show 1 1 Experience 150
Experience Hair Salon Debate 1 1 Experience 151
Pest Oil Rig Embargo 3 50 Half a target’s happiness 152
Pest Software Company Proxy Hacking 3 25 Cancel a target’s virus programming 153
Pest Cyber Café Proxy Hacking 5 25 Cancel a target’s virus programming 154
Hunting Meat Warehouse Huntsman 7 0 25% hunting skill gain 155
Hunting Zoo Animal Instinct 3 0 25% hunting reward 156
Hunting Farm Animal Instinct 3 0 25% hunting reward 157
Ammo Gun Shop Bandoleer 7 0 1 extra clip for guns during combat 158
Ammo Gun Shop Surplus 3 25 100 random special ammunition 159
Ammo Firework Inferno 10 25 50 random incendiary ammunition 160
Ammo Gun Shop Sales Discount 1 0 20% discount on standard ammo cost 161
Racing Mechanic Shop Driver 10 0 50% driving skill gain 162
Racing Mechanic Shop Refurbish 7 0 Lose no car parts after crashing 163
Racing Gas Station Machinist 1 5 Racing point 164
Racing Car Dealership Test Drive 1 5 Racing point 165
Racing Mechanic Shop Machinist 1 5 Racing point 166
Racing Gas Station Discount Parts 3 0 75% cost discount on car parts 167
Racing Car Dealership Discount parts 3 0 75% cost discount on car parts 168
Racing Mechanic Shop Discount Parts 3 0 75% cost discount on car parts 169
Virus Cyber Café Clone Data 3 25 Virus 170
Virus Software Company Ub3rg33k 1 0 50% virus coding time reduction 171
Virus Cyber Café Ub3rg33k 1 0 50% virus coding time reduction 172
Virus Game Shop b3rg33k 1 0 50% virus coding time reduction 173
Work Stat Lingerie Store Nine to Five 3 10 100 endurance 174
Work Stat Clothing Store Nine to five 3 10 100 endurance 175

The second table is where I took the classified specials (lazy way = I chose which groups I prefer, then ordered within the group) and then rated them, providing a score for each company type. So this is effectively a list of how good the specials are for all companies (based on how I currently rate those specials). The lower my Overall Rating the better..

Company L4 overall Rating
Furniture Store 291
Fitness Center 276
Oil Rig 332
Gents Strip Club 287
Ladies Strip Club 283
Pub 421
Game Shop 178
Amusement Park 238
Restaurant 452
Adult Novelties 350
Music Store 486
TV 226
Property Broker 214
Meat Warehouse 487
Grocery Store 559
Clothing Store 331
Cruise Line 234
Theater 543
Candle Shop 414
Hair Salon 515
Flower Shop 548
Firework 518
Farm 389
Software Company 333
Lingerie Store 510
Car Dealership 519
Gas Station 533
Toy Shop 582
Nightclub 550
Zoo 499
Sweet Shop 602
Gun Shop 493
Law Firm 745
Cyber Café 765
Mechanic Shop 697

The way I have always approached which company to own/work in has been looking at my current goals, and joining a company which gets me those goals (ie. Merits) as quick as possible.

  • First I was in companies which got me all the educations done quickly
  • Then I joined companies which got me all the crimes done
  • Currently I am going for stat gains (hence all the gym gain/energy companies came out on top)
  • Next I will likely just go for Money

I don’t really value battle related specials, as gym gains and energy both help in that regard. Really my choices are always money, energy/gym or nerve/crimes

There will come a point where your stats are so high that you need Stat Enhancers to go further, at which point Money is the best option. Some like to keep stats secret, some like to reduce muggings and some just stick to anything that makes money without caring about the specials. At the end of the day you have to decide what you do – There are too many possibilities to say “that one is the best”.

Got a special you prefer? Why not tell us why in the comment section!