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Making the most of missions

So finally.. a new release! The missions addition has certainly caused a bit of a stir, but a lot of people have been left asking ‘whats the point’

The missions range from attacking abroad, sending dodgy parcels through to gambling in the casino – and the rewards are pretty low so far ($20k is the most I’ve seen), which for the amount of energy used is far too low for most players to make a living from. So how can we make the most of this new missions system?

1. Don’t waste your time/energy

New missions appear daily, and you can have up to three not yet started at any time. So it pays to wait, have 2-3 missions ready and accept them all at the same time. If you get three attacking missions you might find you complete all three contracts with a single attack. For example one mission has you mug a specific person, another has you mug $1m, and another is to finish an attack with just your fists. Mugging that specific person with just your fists has saved you 25e, and if your lucky they may even give you the $1m in muggings too.

Another reason to wait is the way that new missions pick targets out. Quite often if I go to start a mission just as it has become available someone else has already hosped my target – they also had a mission with this players name, but not always is it the same mission. If you wait 12 hours you might find that you are now the only one with that target on your mission list.

2. Don’t waste your mission credits

The mission credits you earn can be spent on a variety of ‘prizes’, Most of which can be obtained from the item market. This is where you need to be savvy in what you spend these credits on – there is special ammunition available here that you can’t get anywhere else. So unless you see an RPG pop up for 1 point then store your mission credits and check your available mission prizes often. If you always use one type of ammo, only spend them on that type of ammo. You might find one day that ammo will give you the edge in an important battle.

3. Use the missions to trade

If you get a mission which involves using a specific weapon or item you will find that others will also be getting that mission. If you get in early you may be able to buy a bunch of that item cheap, and make a quick profit as other people buy them for the same mission.

4. Travel shouldn’t be wasted

Several missions involve travelling to a different country to mug/hosp someone inactive. But don’t forget to pick up some items while you are there – Plushies and Flowers should be the minimum, but in SA you can grab cheap xanax and combat gear most of the time as well.

Got your own mission tips? Feel free to comment below